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 17 uses for Alka-Seltzer!!

 1. Safely Unclog A Drain

 A great natural solution for unclogging the drain! Just drop four Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain, followed by a cup of 

 white vinegar and allow to stand for about ten minutes. Flush with a pot of boiling water. 

 Doing this on a regular basis can help keep that drain clear. This also works to deodorize the drain.

 2. Clean a Toilet In A Hurry

 Drop two tablets in the toilet, wait 20 minutes for the citric acid to loosen the grime, scrub and flush. 

 The bowl will be clean, shiny, and deodorized. Handy for a quick clean in case of uninvited, unannounced, surprise guests.

 3. An All-Purpose Cleaner

 Alka Seltzer can also be a good all around cleaner. Plop three tablets into 8 ounces of warm water. Once the fizzing stops, 

 dip a sponge in the water (or you could fill a spray bottle) and wipe down counters, tiles and tubs. 

 You can even place some in your sink and use as mop water. Just add five tablets to one half gallon of water.

 4. Soothe Insect Bites

 Drop two tablets in warm water, then soak a cotton ball in the solution. Place on the bite for 30 minutes for relief from  

 the insect bites.

 5. Catch a Fish

 Fish love bubbles. Break a tablet in half and throw it out near your fishing line, or put a tablet inside your tube jig and 

 cast off. The fish won’t be able to resist the stream of bubbles.

 6. Remove Burnt On Food From Bakeware

 Drop 5 tablets into a sink full of hot water and let your cookware soak for an hour or so. The burnt food will come off  

 with ease.

 7. Whiten and Brighten Your Laundry

 To get rid of dingy yellow color on white cotton, soak your whites in a solution of a gallon of warm water and two Alka 

 Seltzer tablets. Then hang your whites in the sun to dry to get rid of any lingering stains.

 8. Deodorize the Fridge

 For a clean, fresh smelling refrigerator, drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a cup of water and leave it in the refrigerator 

 for a half hour. If there is still a smell in the refrigerator, then wash down the inside of the refrigerator with another 

 Alka-Seltzer tablet in water.

 9. Clean a Glass Jar, Flower Vase or Thermos

 For those difficult to clean vessels with narrow-necks, and hard to reach places, drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets in, 

 add hot water and swish it around until the tablets are dissolved and let it sit for an hour. Rinse, and the glass jar, 

 vase or Thermos will be as clean as new.

 10. Restore Stained Plastic Containers

 Got spaghetti sauce stains on your plastic containers? Simply fill your container with warm to hot water and depending on  

 the size drop 1-2 tablets into the water. Let sit for 30 minutes and the stains will disappear before your eyes.

 11. Polish Your Jewelry

 Drop two tablets in a bowl of warm water. Let your jewelry soak for about 20 minutes. It will look new again! 

 (Note: This is not safe for pearls or opals.)

 12. Build Rockets For Kids

 Entertain little ones by heading outside with an empty film canister, filled halfway with warm water. Drop in half a tablet, 

 snap on the lid and place the canister upside down on the sidewalk or driveway. Take a step back and watch your rocket 

 blast off!

 13. Clean Your Coffeemaker

 Fill the water chamber of the coffeemaker and then drop in three tablets. When the Alka-Seltzer has dissolved, 

 put the coffeemaker through a brew cycle. This will clean out all the internal components. Run through another plain water 

 cycle before using the machine again for coffee.

 14. Help For Nicotine Addiction

 If you’re trying to quit smoking Alka-Seltzer can help. Take two tablets three times a day to relieve nicotine withdrawal 

 symptoms and curb cravings.

 15. Cure Urinary Tract Infections

 Showing signs of a urinary infection? Take two tablets in a glass of water as soon as you notice symptoms. 

 Results are almost immediate. Keep in mind that Aspirin is a main ingredient in Alka-Seltzer so those with Aspirin allergies 

 shouldn’t use it.

 16. Clean and Deodorize A Cooler

 After an outing or trip, add about 1 inch of water to the bottom of your cooler, drop 4 tablets in, and let sit for an hour. 

 After an hour, rinse and dry. All smells will be gone and it will be clean and ready for its next use.

 17. Clean Dentures

 Drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a glass of warm water, and then drop your dentures into the glass for about ten minutes. 

 The citric acid and carbonation will remove the toughest stains from your dentures and other prosthetic dental work.  

 This is an excellent substitute for more expensive denture cleanser products.

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Baby wipes are so powerful. Really, these things have potent cleaning power. Use to mop the floor. They cut through dried up, caked on spills with ease and dry much faster than mop water.

They do a great job shining up a faucet. They are also good for cleaning the shower stall and sinks. Other uses are cleaning out the inside of the microwave, leather furniture, ceiling fan blades, door knobs, dash board, window frames, drawer and cabinet door pulls, stove top, light fixtures.

They can also be used to lift stains out of fabric and carpet. Use them to remove dirt off your hands after working on a the RV. They are also handy to for cleanup after dumping the black tank. They are great for cleaning smashed bugs off the windshield and headlamps. Try cleaning your steering wheel with wipes. You'll be surprised at how much grime comes off and you'll enjoy the clean feel and firm grip on your next RV outing.

You may need to test-clean a small spot to make sure there is no discoloration before using. Baby Wipes are one of the most versatile and easy to use cleaning products available. It can replace many of the cleaning bottles under your sink and lighten your RV load.

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Some Uses of Baking Soda 

Baking soda can be used for scouring all sorts of surfaces. When you need to scour a cup or a counter top, you just sprinkle some on and rub with a wet cloth. A tough spot when mopping floor will yield to its low abrasion. It also is a water softener in hard water areas. Just put a bit in your wash water.

Baking soda can also be used as a carpet freshener. You just sprinkle it on and leave overnight. Then the next day vacuum as usual.

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Blue dawn dish liquid does some amazing things...like...Giant Bubbles; removes hair product build up.

Just a drop in your hand will wash away all hair products from your hair, leaving it soft and shiny!

Manicure secret; Repel Houseplant insects; Clean your windows; Use it to bathe the dogs. It kills fleas on contact and is much cheaper than expensive dog shampoos. Ice pack; repel ants; Unclog toilets; Keep poison ivy from spreading; Shower floor cleaner, Also takes out those darn set in grease stains on clothes. You can also drop a few drops in a pie plate of water and swish it around, place the pie plate under an outlet with a nightlight in a flea area and go to sleep. In the morning the little buggers should have hopped to the light and fallen in the soapy water.

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 Make Potatoes Last Longer

 To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.

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 Money saving tips on the RV Highway

Stay longer in campgrounds with low rates. Stay a week or by the month for an even better rate.
Drive 55 for better gas mileage.
Use bcgasprices.com for cheapest service stations.
Avoid jack-rabbit starts and quick stops.
Keep tires properly inflated.
Lighten your load as extra weight will cost you in mileage.
Avoid head winds. If you have the time, wait out if you are going to drive all day into a strong wind.
Avoid ATM fees by getting cash with store purchases.
Install CFL or LED interior lights
Boondock more often.Casino parking lots, Walmarts and many other overnight free spots if you are just traveling.
Install a solar system for free power.
Maintain your RV. It is much less expensive to maintain than to repair.
Eat out less. Prepare your own meals.
Maintain your batteries right so they last longer.
Buy from farmers markets, roadside farm stands, U-Pick farms and orchards.They have fresher goods for less.
Volunteer or become a camp host, which usually comes with a free campsite.
Many RV Parks and campgrounds hire seasonal help that come with a free site plus usually a wage.


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 Cure for a Headache

 If you have a headache, take a lime and cut it in half. Rub on your forehead and the throbbing will go away.

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Dry Wash Your Dog 

To keep your dog clean in your RV without the mess of soap and water, you can use a dry shampoo.

Mix 2 cups of cornstarch, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup salt in a jar. Put your dog in the tub and massage the powder into his coat. Let stand for 5 minutes  and then brush the mixture out and rinse it down the drain.

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 Keep Celery Fresh

 Before putting your celery in the fridge, wrap it in aluminum foil and it will keep for weeks.

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If your laptop is running too hot, here is a tip to keep it cooler. Streaming video will often cause a laptop to heat up more than it should. Try putting a wire cooling rack under your laptop which will keep the air circulating better and bring the temperature of the laptop down by up to 10 degrees F. 

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 Keep Vegetables Fresh In Fridge

To make your vegetables stay fresh a lot longer, before you put them in the fridge, put them in a black plastic bag. 

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 Brown Sugar

 When your brown sugar goes hard this simple trick works. Place brown sugar in a container with a lid and add a fresh piece of bread and leave over night. Your sugar will be soft and ready to use in the morning.

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 For travellers to the U.S., if you gas up and the machine won't take your Canadian postal code, I learned that if you take the 3 numbers from your code, and enter them, then add 2 zeros, it will accept that. 

So, if your postal code is R3N 2B4, you would enter 3 2 4, then add 2 more zeros, thus 32400. That is supposed to work. I have not tried it, though.

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 If you want to easily get the seeds out of a Pomegranate, just cut it in half and put the halves into water and the seeds will float to the top.

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 Add non-gel toothpaste to a tooth brush.

Gently scrub toothpaste into the ink stain.

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the surface clean.

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 If you are in an area that has mosquitos or black flies and you don't want to be lunch, then take a bounce sheet (the dryer sheet you use to keep your clothes static free) and put it under the back of your hat, or even in your pocket. There are chemicals in the bounce sheet that are toxic to many, many types of bugs and insects and they will not approach you when they pick up the toxic smell.

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  A Simple Way To Lubricate Your Slideouts

RV slide-out rooms have both inner and outer seals. They keep the slides sealed against the elements whether they are extended or retracted. Keeping them working smoothly is a quick and easy once-a-year maintenance item.

Although there are commercial products available for lubricating slideout seals, simply rub them with baby powder / talcum powder once a year, and nothing else would be required. Another benefit of baby powder is that it doesn't attract dust and dirt the way many liquid products can.

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 I was not paying attention to the handle of a frying pan that I just took out of the oven and after grabbing it my hand was so badly burned that it started blistering and the pain was unbelievable. I remember my girlfriend had told that she heard that if you have a bad burn on your hands to stick them in flour. I flip off the lid to my flour canister and stuck my hand right into the middle of it. To my surprise the pain was going away, I left it there for a while and when I took it out I was excited that the blister had stop getting bigger and there was no more red and pain. So I’d like to tell you my friends tip. I now have a trick that I learned from this lesson and that is to take a pot holder and as soon as the frying pan comes out of the oven put the pot holder over the handle. 

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 We had a fly problem there were hundreds of flies and it made it almost impossible to BBQ or sleep in our R.V. at night with so many flies. Our fellow R.V.er next door had these baggie 1/2 full of water and a penny in the bottom of it hanging off their canopy,  I went over and asked what they were for, they said that they had no flies and that the flies when they see the bags it confuses them, they leave and go to our place. I went to our site and asked Ron to put a string along the front of the awning while I filled baggie’s and put penny’s in them. I got some close pegs out and hung the baggie on the line at the top of the canopy. And it worked NO FLIES !!!!!! they went to the next site down. So if you are somewhere and the fly’s are driving you crazy ... Try this

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Fill the tub with enough hot water to emerge your pillows

1 cup of laundry detergent

1 cup powered dishwasher detergent

1 cup bleach

1/2 cup borax

Add pillows and let sit until clean and smells new again 

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 I have a great trick for getting the hair off of corn on the cob. After peeling the corn dampen a paper towel and run it over the cob and the left over hair will come right off. Throw out the paper towel and you are ready to cook your corn with no left over hair

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Getting pastry off your hands

When your are in the baking mode and you have mixed the pastry in the bowl with your hands and you now have pastry all over your hands. 

Here is an easy way to get it off and not waste it. 

Just sprinkle a little flour on your hands and rub them together and the pastry will come right off.

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 This is a simple idea that took me years to come to...duh!

Wearing gloves while doing the hook up and unhook is a great idea.

I used to hook up the toad with bare hands and when it came time to leave, I always had to stop and wash and dry my hands.

Well, now I keep a pair of gloves at the door to the motor home and when I am ready to hook up or unhook I just grab the gloves while heading out the door.

That way my hands stay clean and the gloves are always handy.

Saves time and at our age time is of the essence.

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A Green Weed Killer

 Use white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle on a dry day and spray liberally on your weeds. Avoid plants, vegetables or grass as this will burn them.

After a few days, your garden or yard should be weed free.

This would be an excellent tip for campgrounds and RV parks with gravel sites.

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1 C White Vinegar

1T Liquid Dish Washing Soap

1 C Baking Soda

2 Gallons tap water (very hot)

This leaves everything smelling amazing.

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1 part coconut oil

2 parts baking soda

Stir together until a paste is formed.

Apply with fingers or paper towel.

Work mixture into residue until it releases from the surface.

Wash with soap and warm water. 

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 My grandmother believed in her home remedies here a few that I still use today.

 Stomachache : 1/4 c fresh grated ginger with 2 cups of water. Boil for 5 minutes and strain out the ginger before drinking. I tried ginger tea and it works too but you have to make sure it has actual ginger in it.
Common Cold: chest rub yup I think every grandmother has a chest rub recipe here nana’s . A balm made from Eucalyptus and or mint. Put 2 –3 teaspoons on your chess 3 x’s a day.
Sore muscles : use tiger balm ( found in Chinese or health food stores). Be careful that you do not touch your eyes after applying this cream wash hands immediately  . Cream will heat up the area and get very hot and does gets deep into the muscle.
We have this stuff in our 5th wheel all the time. I often think of my grandmother every time I use these products

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 Next week there can't be any crisis......My schedule is already full!!


 Place ice cubes in the top item and put the bottom item or class into a sink with hot water. Let them sit for a few minutes and they will come apart.  This happening to me at a pot lunch and one of the girl there told me this trick and it works. Her husband suggested oil in bottom item not sure about that as the hot and cold worked.

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Hull Strawberries easily by using a straw 


Install a tension rod in your cupboard to store spray bottles out of the way 


 Use Walnut to cover scratches on furniture

Store bed linen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match..

 How to perfectly fold a fitted sheet..A friend showed me this one and I've been doing it ever since...works so well!


Remove crayon masterpieces from your TV or computer screen with WD40. (also works on walls).

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 1 tablespoon salt

 1 tablespoon baking soda

 1 tablespoon dish detergent

 1 cup water

 1 piece aluminum foil


 1. Heat water in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes.

 2. Cut a piece of aluminum foil that roughly covers the bottom of a small bowl (like a cereal bowl).

 3. Pour hot water into bowl. Place salt, soda, and dish-washing liquid into bowl. 

 Place jewelry on top of foil and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse jewelry in cool water and dry jewelry completely with soft cloth.

 Discard solution after use and make a new batch next time.


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 If you want to have a easy time of cleaning the bugs off your motorhome when you get to your location, apply a small amount of dish soap to the front of the rig. When you get into your site wash it off and the bugs will come off with it.

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 Flea & Tick Remedy

 8 oz apple cider vinegar

 4 oz warm water

 1/2 tsp salt

 1/2 tsp baking soda

 Mix dry ingredients first then slowly add to wet as the vinegar and baking soda will react slightly. 

 Put into spray bottle and spray pets down. Be careful not to get in pets eyes.

 Use Borax throughout the house, sprinkle it on the carpets and let sit for a few hours, then vacuum. 

 This should kill all the fleas and ticks in your home and on your pets.

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 Freshen up the smell in your dishwasher
Pour 1 c. vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and run through a cycle. P.S. Don’t forget to clean the bottom first . Works great and last a long time. I do this at home and in our rig my husband is the dishwasher and he does keep the sink clean. So an odor is not an issue. 

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 To get the smell of garlic, fish and other smelly odor from your hands there is 3 ways that I found work.
1) Pour a little salt or baking soda on your hands and rub them together. Rinse.
2) Squeeze a little tooth paste and mouthwash in the palm of your hand rub hands together and rinse.
3) Rub hands across a stainless steel utensil under running water.

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 My mother gave me her cast iron skillet and it had rust in the bottom of it. I liked it, so I did some research on how to clean it and it is like new again. I thought I would share it with other R.V.’ers.
Use a nonmetallic scrubber to remove rust with mild dish soap then dry with a clean towel. Re-season the surface by coating it (inside and out) with unsalted vegetable shortening. Place creased skillet up side down on a baking sheet covered with foil. Place in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Let it cool and wipe it off with a paper towel. Place a paper plate, paper towel or round coffee filter between stored pan to absorb the moisture. 

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If you want to get your black water tank clean, the easiest and fastest way, here is what you do.

Buy three bags of ice cubes. Fill the tank half full of water and dump the ice cubes down the toilet into the tank. Drive your rig until the ice cubes melt. When you dump the tank the ice cubes will have scoured all the hard deposits from the tank and they will flush out down the drain.

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If you use your TV antenna or dish and at times we all do there is a sure fire way to make sure you do not drive away with the antenna in the up position. I hang my motor home keys on the crank handle for the antenna and that way when we are ready to move it always reminds me to put the antenna down. I have seen a lot of RV's driving down the road with the antenna up because the owner forgot to put them down when they leave the park. I even saw one that took out some power lines on the way out of the park. Hang your keys on the crank handle and that will never happen to you.

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 Take a paper towel with a little bit of sunlight dishwashing soap and run it over your windows.  Now condensation will not cling to the windows.”

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 WD - 40 USES

 WD-40 Uses:

1. Protects silver from tarnishing.

2. Removes road tar and grime from cars.

3. Cleans and lubricates guitar strings.

4. Gives floor that 'just-waxed' sheen without making them slippery.

5. Keeps the flies off of Cows, Horses, and other Farm Critters.

6. Restores and cleans chalkboards.

7. Removes lipstick stains.

8. Loosens stubborn zippers.

9. Untangles jewellery chains.

10. Removes stains from stainless steel sinks.

11. Removes dirt and grime from the barbecue grill.

12. Keeps ceramic/terracotta garden pots from oxidising.

13. Removes tomato stains from clothing.

14. Keeps glass shower doors free of water spots.

15. Camouflages scratches in ceramic and marble floors.

16. Keeps scissors working smoothly.

17. Lubricates noisy door hinges on both home and vehicles doors.

18. It removes that nasty tar and scuff marks from the kitchen flooring. It doesn't seem to harm the finish and you won't have toscrub nearly as hard to get them off.            Just remember to open some windows if you have a lot of marks.

19. Remove those nasty bug guts that will eat away the finish on your car if not removed quickly!

20. Gives a children's playground gym slide a shine for a super fast slide.

21. Lubricates gearshift and mower deck lever for ease of handling on riding mowers.

22. Rids kids rocking chair and swings of squeaky noises.

23. Lubricates tracks in sticking home windows and makes them easier to open.

24. Spraying an umbrella stem makes it easier to open and close.

25. Restores and cleans padded leather dashboards in vehicles, as well as vinyl bumpers.

26. Restores and cleans roof racks on vehicles.

27. Lubricates and stops squeaks in electric fans.

28. Lubricates wheel sprockets on tricycles, wagons and bicycles for easy handling.

29. Lubricates fan belts on washers and dryers and keeps them running smoothly.

30. Keeps rust from forming on saws and saw blades, and other tools.

31. Removes grease splatters from stove-tops.

32. Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging.

33. Lubricates prosthetic limbs.

34. Keeps pigeons off the balcony (they hate the smell).

35. Removes all traces of duct tape.

36. Folks even spray it on their arms, hands, and knees to relieve arthritis pain.

37. Florida 's favourite use is: 'cleans and removes love bugs from grills and bumpers.'

38. The favourite use in the state of New York , it protects the Statue of Liberty from the elements.

39. WD-40 attracts fish. Spray a little on live bait or lures and you will be catching the big one in no time. Also, it's a lot cheaper than the chemical attractants that are         made for just that purpose. Keep in mind though, using some chemical laced baits or lures for fishing are not allowed in some states.

40. Use it for fire ant bites. It takes the sting away immediately and stops the itch.

41. It is great for removing crayon from walls. Spray it on the marks and wipe with a clean rag.

42. Also, if you've discovered that your teenage daughter has washed and dried a tube of lipstick with a load of laundry, saturate the lipstick spots with WD-40 and               rewash. Presto! The lipstick is gone!

43. If you spray it inside a wet distributor cap, it will displace the moisture, allowing the engine to start.

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Most RV Parks do not want you to wash your unit because the water and soap makes a mess in the park. To say nothing of soaking down your site. Protect All makes Quick and Easy Wash that requires just one gallon of water and one cap full of Quick and Easy Wash. This product works great and uses very little water and saves a ton of money on car washes.

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The low-cost, chemical-free fix for a slow-draining sink: First put a kettleful of water on to boil. Next, mix 2 Tbs. of table salt and 2 cups of club soda, then pour the solution down the drain. Wait 1 minute, then pour the boiling water into the sink. The abrasive salt-and-seltzer combination will break down grease and grime while the scalding water will dissolve the mess within seconds.

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Cordless Drill for Easy Jack Setup 

If you do not have electric stabilizer jacks on your trailer or fifth wheel then use a cordless drill for raising and lowering the jacks. 

Use an 8" extension with a 3/8 inch drive and 3/4 inch socket. 

This setup works on both the four stab-jacks on a travel trailer and the two rear scissor jacks on a fifth wheel.

Keep the drill in a handy place so it is easy to grab both during setup and during breakdown of the trailer

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Once you have grilled the perfect cob of corn, here is a tip sent to us by a viewer for removing the husk and silk all in one motion.....

To remove corn husk and silk. Cook over coals 11 minutes, cut off big end square, slam it down on a cutting board, big end first and the husk and silk will slide off together. 

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Using Coffee Filters for:

1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers. 

2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome... Coffee filters are lint-free so they'll leave windows sparkling.

3. Protect China by separating your good dishes with a coffee filter between each dish.

4. Filter broken cork from wine. If you break the cork when opening a wine bottle, filter the wine through a coffee filter.

 5. Protect a cast-iron skillet. Place a coffee filter in the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust. 

6. Apply shoe polish. Ball up a lint-free coffee filter. 

7. Recycle frying oil. After frying, strain oil through a sieve lined with a coffee filter. 

8. Weigh chopped foods. Place chopped ingredients in a coffee filter on a kitchen scale. 

9. Hold tacos. Coffee filters make convenient wrappers for messy foods.

10. Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot. Line a plant pot with a coffee filter to prevent the soil from going 

     through the drainage holes. 

11.. Prevent a Popsicle from dripping. Poke one or two holes as needed in a coffee filter.

12. Do you think we used expensive strips to wax eyebrows? Use strips of coffee filters.. 

13. Put a few in a plate and put your fried bacon, French fries, chicken fingers, etc on them. It soaks out all the grease. 

14. Keep in the bathroom. They make great "razor nick fixers." 

15. As a sewing backing. Use a filter as an easy-to-tear backing for embroidering or appliqueing soft fabrics. 

16. Put baking soda into a coffee filter and insert into shoes or a closet to absorb or prevent odors. 

17. Use them to strain soup stock and to tie fresh herbs in to put in soups and stews. 

18. Use a coffee filter to prevent spilling when you add fluids to your car.

19. Use them as a spoon rest while cooking and clean up small counter spills. 

20. Can use to hold dry ingredients when baking or when cutting a piece of fruit or veggies.. Saves on having extra bowls to wash. 

21. Use them to wrap Christmas ornaments for storage. 

22. Use them to remove fingernail polish when out of cotton balls. 

23. Use them to sprout seeds.. Simply dampen the coffee filter, place seeds inside, fold it and place it into a plastic baggie until they sprout. 

24. Use coffee filters as blotting paper for pressed flowers. Place the flowers between two coffee filters and put the coffee filters in phone book.. 

25. Use as a disposable "snack bowl" for popcorn, chips, etc. 

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We have all had times when you go out to the car in the morning or even late in the evening and the windows are covered in frost or ice. Here is a quick and easy way to rid the windows of ice without digging out the scraper and working up a sweat.

Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water together and put in a spray bottle. Spray on the car windows and ice is gone.

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Save Left Over Tomato Paste

When you are using a recipe that calls for 1 or 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, you have 3/4 of a can left. 

What do you do with the left over tomato paste? Do you throw it out?

Nope, here is a tip for you.

Place the left over tomato paste by 1 tablespoon amounts on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer.

Once frozen then pack the 1 tablespoon amounts of tomato paste in a freezer bag and use when recipes call for 1 or 2 tablespoons.

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 Never get so busy making a living.......That you forget to make a life!!

 Free Silverware Cleaner!

Don't spend money on expensive cleaners. Next time you boil some potatoes, let the water cool and pour it over your silver dishes, vases and flatware. Let soak for 30 minutes, rinse off and rub with a soft cloth. The starch in the pototo water will clean off any tarnish.

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 1 cup water

 1 tsp ground cinnamon

 1 tbsp lemon juice

 1-2 tbsp honey

 Bring 1 cup of water to a boil.

 Add ground cinnamon, lemon juice and honey.

 Mix together by stirring for about 15 seconds, then serve.


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Start Your Campfire Fast 

Sitting around the campfire on a chilly night is something a lot of us do, but getting the fire going can be a challenge.

To make starting your campfire easy and fast....try orange peels. Just let a handful of peels dry overnight, then toss them on the logs instead of newspaper and ignite them. The oils in the peels are flammable and will catch faster and burn longer than newspaper.

Now sit back and enjoy your fire. 

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 Sticky Tack For The RV

If you own an RV or travel a lot, you know it's a constant battle to keep things secure so they don't fall or tip over in the process. If you are not using it yet, try sticky tack (also known as poster putty). It's the best invention. It is pliable putty that usually comes in a package of 2-4 strips. It is often found in the office or school supply sections in stores and is inexpensive. It is repositionable and restickable. You can use it over and over, so one package lasts a long time.

RV'ers can hang things on walls with sticky tack, keep cutting boards and bowls still, put it under a vase of flowers and on and on. Works great under pet bowls also.

Just grab a hunk, place it under the object you want to secure and give it a little "smoosh".

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 For Stripped Screw Heads


It happens to everyone at one time or another.

You try and remove a screw and the head is stripped.

Try using a rubber band to keep the screw driver from slipping on the screw head. 

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I always carry a set of hand pruners for those RV sites that have overhanging branches that could damage the roof or A/C on the top. It is so easy to climb the ladder and trim the trees away from the RV. Some parks are a bit re-miss with the trimming as they do not realize how high units can be.

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If you wake up with a sour throat and begin to feel a cold coming on. Try This !

Mix hot water and in a mug with

2 Tablespoons honey

2 Tablespoons vinegar

2 Tablespoons lemon juice

Dash of cinnamon

Mix well and drink

You will feel better within a hour

Works every time!!!!!

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To thoroughly clean RV window screens. Remove them and wash them with soap and water. But if they are merely dusty, a microfiber towel will do a great job without using water.

Simply wipe the dry towel across the surface of the screen and it will pick up the dust. You won't believe how easy it is to clean the screens the first time you try it. 

They are available at auto parts stores, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe's and many other outlets. They're also great for washing and waxing, and general purpose cleanup.

Here are a few tips about using microfiber towels:

Use microfiber cloth for cleaning the carpet. It will pick up the cat hair, dust and even dog hair. 

They also work great on Fantastic vent screens. They work well on awnings and tires.

Do not use bleach when cleaning microfiber cloths. It destroys their ability to pick up dirt.




 Before you hit the road for your next adventure, you should do a bit of planning to ensure you are not filling up trash bags every single day. There are so many options that are far less wasteful than one time use items like paper plates and plastic utensils. It may seem like it is more cost effective to buy a stack of paper plates than it is to buy a set of dishes for your RV, but this is wasteful and can actually wind up being more expensive over time.

There are plenty of affordable options for reusable travel gear, from plastic washable dishes, cups and flatware to cloth napkins and reusable containers. You will only need to purchase everything you need once, and you'll never run out of anything when you're at RV parks. Instead of running to the store for more paper plates when the burgers are almost ready, you need only wash and dry a few dishes and you're good to go without ever leaving your campsite.

When you're throwing away every plate, fork and napkin you use for every meal, you will find the trash barrel in your RV needs to be changed pretty frequently. This won't be the case if you switch to reusable goods. You'll not only be saving yourself the hassle of taking out the trash every time you stop the RV, but you'll be doing good for the environment as well.

The same goes for food and drinks. Instead of buying a case of soda cans, pick up a bottle. You can also bring along your own shopping bags for those times you need to visit the store.


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