We took the weekend and did a trip to Kamloops, BC and paid a visit to the Wildlife center just outside of Kamloops.


Located at the confluence of the South and North Thompson rivers in BC's semi-arid grasslands, Kamloops is a hotbed of outdoor activities.

Sandstone canyons, grasslands and evergreen timberlands play host to incredible hiking, mountain biking and camping. Kamloops is also a major golfing destination, with around a dozen courses close by. More than 100 lakes and two major rivers provide great fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting and tubing.


The BC Wildlife Park's Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre is specialized as a facility dedicated to mammals, birds of prey, amphibians, reptiles, endangered species and our resident animals at the Park.

The Society has the only licensed Wildlife Health Centre in the Kamloops Region. Staff and volunteers work closely with the Ministry of Environment (MOE) as well as community partners to provide rehabilitation services to injured and orphaned wildlife in the region. Wildlife that are successfully rehabilitated are released back into the wild preferably to the area they were found.

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Featuring a replica of the C.P. Huntington steam locomotive with three covered coaches, speaker system and authentic sounding whistle and bell, you will enjoy your ride through the Park grounds lined by Ponderosa Pine and sagebrush cloaked hillsides. 


Bear Experience

This interactive, educational experience allows you to visit our grizzly bears or black bears up close! Your experience will include scattering food for our bears and learning how the zoo keepers train and care for them. 


The RV park we stayed in was right next door to the Wildlife Center and was an okay park, although the maintenance is a bit lacking. Not too much site maintenance, but all the hookups worked good. 

We had not been in the area for awhile and we forgot about the trains running along Highway 1. And boy do they run a lot. All night long.

Not too conducive for a good nights sleep.

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While in town we spent some time supporting the local economy in the casino although I like to think of it as priming the machines for Karen.

She took money home while I did the usual and left some behind.

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 Frick and Frack Tap House

Found some new and interesting places to eat while we were in Kamloops and here was one of them... 

Frick and Frack were born on opposite sides of the world, which really makes sense because they're complete opposites of one another. Frick is short and cute while Frack is tall and dashing (or so their mothers say). They both left home in search of adventure, and as luck would hav it, met each other on top of a tall, tall mountain in a lovely place called Kamloops. From there they decided to conquer the world of science and physics, and when that didn't work out, decided to open their own restaurant. Now they serve great food and drinks to characters of all kinds and invite you to join in the fun too.

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