Happy Valentines Day

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Welcome to the February Issue of "The Journey" 

February is the month that we all start to think of Spring. Maybe that is a bit premature, but it seems the days get a little longer and the temperature starts to rise and the sun is moving back into the Northland.

This issue we will feature one of our Canadian parks for the Northern Snowbirds that do not go south in the winter. There may be many reasons but one of the major is the cost of insurance due to health issues.

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentines and to my better half....Happy Anniversary!! (We got married on Valentines so I would not forget our Anniversary. Also found out we have created the most expensive day for Anniversary celebrations)

We hope you enjoy "The Journey" and please send us your comments and suggestions.

As the age of the average RV'er is getting more mature, we have a recreational vehicle for every tow vehicle. 




 Most of your Saskatchewan vacation will be easy: beautiful scenery that’s easy on the eyes, friendly folk along the way that are easy to take, and a pace of life that’s relaxing and easy-going. With so many activities and attractions, the only hard part may be deciding what to do first.

You’ll have some choices to make. Choose from an array of attractions to suit almost every interest. Choose from fun events including small town gatherings and international festivals. Choose from a range of casinos, spas, great shopping areas and restaurants – you’ll keep as busy as you like.

If you enjoy outdoor adventure, Saskatchewan was made for you. World-class fishing is just the start – canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking, boating, camping, horseback riding, wildlife viewing – the list goes on and on. When winter comes, it brings with it a whole new set of choices, a whole new world of possibilities.



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 Urban excitement, rural relaxation, wilderness exploration, and parkland peace and quiet: wherever your sense of adventure takes you, you’ll find a warm Saskatchewan welcome. Five tourism regions and two major urban tourism authorities in Regina and Saskatoon are ready to help you make the most of your time with us.

Immerse yourself in Saskatchewan’s famous community spirit, or discover your new favourite out-of-the-way resort. A variety of parks can be found all over the province, many alongside Saskatchewan's 100,000 lakes and rivers.



Nk Mip RV Park 

Osoyoos, BC

Nk Mip is one of our Canadian Snowbird destination parks.

Located in Osoyoos, BC this area has one of the mildest winter temperatures in the BC interior. With average day time temperature of just above freezing and night temperatures just below freezing makes this an ideal spot if you can not go south for the warmer climate. 

 Welcoming families to Osoyoos since 1970, it's not surprising that it is one of the region's most popular sites, considering its location on the shores of Osoyoos Lake, at the edge of the Sonora Desert and just minutes from the town's main street.

Open year-round, NK'MIP RV Park offers over 320 sites with amenity levels ranging from simple tenting spots to full service RV stalls and Yurts, complete with wireless internet access. NK'MIP RV Park has an 8,020 sq ft clubhouse perfect for events or meetings, an indoor pool & hot tub (open Sept – June) and a patio perfect for group BBQ's. The Campground's convenience store offers snacks and essential groceries.

The most enjoyable part of NK'MIP RV Park is the sense of community and camaraderie. Visit any season and you'll be welcomed by people who come back every year. Friendships form and great memories are shared. This is most apparent with the "snowbirds" (semi-retired or retired travelers escaping the Prairie winters), who use the clubhouse for potlucks, craft sessions and community dances.

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Cook lobster tails

Place tail into pot with boiling water cook for 5 minutes

Remove the lobster from the shell and let lobster cool.

Cut beef tenderloin into squares have meat at room temp. (out of fridge for 20 min)


1 Tsp dry mustard

1 tsp ground coriander

½ tsp paprika

½ tsp celery seed

Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

Coat meat with dry rub. 

On a skewer place 3 pieces of meat and 2 pieces of lobster that has been cubed same size as the meat.

Melt butter and a squeeze of lemon in microwave to brush lobster on grill

Cook on grill inside or outside till meat is medium rare

Knorr béarnaise sauce made with the package instructions 

Serve warm sauce on the side or if plating over rice. 

Pour sauce over meat and lobster that is sitting on the rice

Add green vegetable to complete dinner.




Use an in-line water filter that threads onto your water hose. Even if all you do with the campground water is flush the toilet and shower...that filter will drastically reduce any iron, sulphur, sand, and whatever... that may be present...especially if the campground or RV park is using well-water.



 Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

 All Natural Repellant Keeps Mice & Rats Far Away – without Poison, Traps or Any Toxic Chemicals!

(Plus, no dead rodents to clean up… ever.)                                           

Dealing with rodent infestation can be an incredibly frustrating. They scurry through the walls of your RV, gnaw holes in bags and boxes in your pantry, and leave feces on your shelves. It's disgusting. Unsettling.

Getting rid of them after they've already invaded your RV, home or business can feel like an uphill battle. And traditional methods of removal are unsafe and downright inhumane.

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 Regular room slide maintenance can prevent operational problems on the road.

Often, however, they act up, usually due to preventive maintenance. Slides require maintenance and occasional adjustment. RV owners should have a little knowledge about their workings just in case of a malfunction.

Slide maintenance is important.

Some RVers fail to realize that slides can be closed manually. Somewhere in your rig is a crake used to manually open and close slides. Look on a wall in the basement or other storage areas of your RV.

Early versions of slides were hydraulically operated so operating mechanisms required a lot of space. This type of slide cannot be pushed back in manually without releasing the hydraulic pressure. The motor and pump are located under the slide. Also, between the coach battery and the control solenoid on the pump motor is a heavy duty battery cable. A fusible link is located near the pump with this cable. It is a smaller gauge wire that will self destruct in case the pump motor overloads.

A good rubber seal lubercant helps prevent problems.

Electrical problems top the list of reasons slides fail. See if the fusible link burned out or look for corrosion at the battery or the solenoid terminals. Clean the cables and connections annually to eliminate problems while on the road.  It is also a good idea to lubricate the extended hydraulic ram with a heavy duty silicone lubricant.

Use a portable battery booster to provide temporary power to close a stuck slide. Have someone crawl under the slide and locate the pump motor. Attach the red booster box cable to the cable connection on the solenoid connected to the cable leading to the battery. Then connect the black clamp to a clean frame mount. Be sure that the cables do not bind as the slide is pulled in, and that the red clamp does not hit any metal.

Newer slides have electrically operated gear track or screw mechanism. Most gear driven units have a single electric motor operating a mechanism that have a mechanical disconnect allowing the drive to be disengaged so that the slide can be pushed back in.

With the slide extended, crawl under the slide and locate the operating motor and the disconnect lever. If these units fail the problem is usually a fuse or a circuit/overload protector. The fuse should be marked in the coach fuse panel that is under the hood on gas units or in the bin area near your batteries on diesel coaches. It is not located in the circuit breaker panel inside the RV.

All slides require regular maintenance of the rubber sealing gaskets and wipers. Protect-All Slide-Out Rubber Seal Treatment is a popular foam lube that is spread on all rubber components.  That should be done every 60 days to keep the rubber from drying out.

The tracks and gear slide mechanism should be lubricated with something like Protect-All Dry Lube. It is an orange liquid for visibility, but dries leaving a lubricant that will not attract dust and dirt. It also is a rust inhibitor that will maintain the integrity of the track surfaces.

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