Karen & Ron wish all a Happy BC Day to everyone that lives or is visiting British Columbia!!

August and we are in the middle of summer. The season for RV'ing in Canada.

We see with the wild fires in the Cariboo that all British Columbians can pull together and give a helping hand when the chips are down.

It's BC Day ....Celebrate

For the month of August in British Columbia we have many, many great RV Parks and Campgrounds to visit.

From Vancouver Island in the west to the Kootenays in the east part of the province there is so much to see and do that BC is truly a RV'ers paradise.

From scenic mountains to lush valleys, huge lakes for water sports and small lakes for great fishing, BC has it all.

British Columbia has 1000 provincial parks and 7 National Parks. 2017 is free admission to all of Canada's national parks in honour of Canada's 150th birthday. There are over 130 visitors centres throughout BC to help you find the most interesting things to see and do.

This year has been a challenge for a lot of British Columbians because in the spring the Okanagan had the highest water levels in over a 100 years and a lot of waterfront property become lake property. That has passed and lake levels are dropping. Okanagan Lake is still above full pool, but is down to a level that most beaches are open again and the area is getting back to normal. A lot of people have been shying away from the area, but the Okanagan is open and waiting to show all visitors a great time.

July found the Cariboo having issues with a lot of wild fires that displaced a lot of people, destroyed homes and hectares of forest. As I write this (in the middle of July) there are still a couple major highways closed to traffic because of the fires, but our crews are getting a hand on most of the fires.

We talked last month about the new RV Forum and it is now up and running and we invite you all to come and share your expertise or ask your questions. Click on ...............RV Forum

The tech tip this month is how to repair a small tear in the roof membrane of your RV.

Karen's recipe for this month is Ribs on the Barbie.

We hope you enjoy this months information and we always welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Karen & Ron


Good Sam Club



Mackenzie Beach Resort

Tofino, BC


Mackenzie Beach Oversite


Mackenzie Beach RV Sites


Mackenzie Beach Tent Site

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MacKenzie Beach Resort is a year-round resort located 2km south of Tofino on MacKenzie Beach.

The resort offers rustic cabins and suites, camping and RV sites with direct access to MacKenzie Beach.

The beach is popular with paddle boarders and has hosted international SUP competitions.

In the summer months, the waves are ideal ideal for families to enjoy skim boarding.

Nature and whale watching are always popular activities.

Our guests have an ocean side view of iconic west coast sunsets that always amaze with their vibrant colours.

As the nearest beach front resort to Tofino, our guests are well located for enjoying the local restaurants, hiking trails, art galleries, surfing and nature watching.

The nearby Pacific Rim National Park Reserve offers sandy beaches, cultural insights and hiking trails through the temperate rainforest.

Mackenzie Beach is an ideal location for you and your family to base yourself while enjoying many of the west coasts festivals. From the Pacific Rim Whale Festival in March, through to the Lantern Festival in August, you’ll find clean, affordable accommodation at our beach side resort.


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 Prime Rib And Stuffed Potatoes


3/4 cup Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce   
2 Tbsp. Kraft Pure Orange Marmalade 
2 tsp. hot pepper sauce   
4 lb. (1.8 kg) pork baby back ribs, cut into 2-rib portions 
Ice cubes  (4) **


HEAT barbecue to medium-high heat.
MIX first 3 ingredients until blended.  
Place half the ribs in single layer in center of large sheet of heavy-duty foil. Bring up long sides of foil. 
Double fold short ends to seal, leaving top open. Place 3 or 4 ice cubes in packet. 
Double fold top to seal, leaving room for heat circulation inside. Repeat to make second packet.  
Grill 45 min. to 1 hour or until ribs are done. Remove ribs from foil; place on barbecue grate. 
Brush with barbecue sauce mixture. Grill 10 min., turning occasionally and brushing with remaining barbecue sauce mixture. 
**When heating ribs in foil the ice cubes create steam and prevent burning.


BBQ Ribs

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Do you love the outdoors? It’s a challenge to outfit yourself for outdoor fun and not have something from the Coleman® family of products with you. Being in the outdoors has so much to offer, and Coleman has everything to help you get out there. Our products provide solutions for hiking, camping, tail-gating, outdoor cooking, fishing, hunting, boating, trail running, kayaking, road biking, photography, canoeing, jogging, mountain biking, climbing, four-wheeling, and more…

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How to fix small roof punctures, cracks and tears

The following was provided to us by the Dicor Corporation

For small punctures, cracks or tears, a sealing tape designed for RV roofs can do a nice job. Dicor Products offers this simple solution with its Patchit™ Roof Repair Patch Kit.

First, some things to note:
• Make sure the roof is structurally sound and the damaged area is not part of a bigger problem.
• Don't patch over a previous patch.
• Trim any loose or protruding material from the roof.
• Don't repair with multiple patches.
• Patch needs to extend two inches beyond the hole in all directions.
• As always, clean before you seal —removing all dirt, oils and debris from the patch area with Dicor Products' rubber roof cleaner.

Using the easy-to-use patch, with the adhesive backing still on, position the patch and mark the edges in pencil or chalk for a positioning guide. Cut the patch to size, peel off the adhesive backing and, with great care (if you pull it up once it is down, you need to replace the patch with a new one), press it onto the roof surface using a wallpaper seam roller and smooth it out from the center to the edges, making sure the entire patch is tightly bonded to the roof.

Then apply a 5/16-inch bead of self-leveling lap sealant to the edges. Give it a couple of hours to set up before moving the vehicle. More detailed instructions can be found on the Dicor Products website. 

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Repair small tears in roof

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