October and we would like to wish all of our Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

This time of year we are thinking of where to go to spend the winter months and Karen & I have talked to lots of Canadians that are changing their travel plans this year and electing not to go south because of health insurance costs, lack of RV spaces or political reasons. So this month we are going to focus on Canadian snowbird destinations in Canada.
One of the most popular areas with the best winter weather is Vancouver Island in British Columbia. There are parks in Victoria, Nanaimo, Parksville and Campbell River that welcome RV'ers in the winter and most have monthly rates as well.

There is a lot to do on the island with many attractions, shopping, restaurants to pass the winter days.

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We want to wish all our RV friends a Happy Thanksgiving and may your travels be safe and happy. .

While on Vancouver Island we visited Victoria, Nanaimo and Parksville.

About Victoria

With the mildest climate in Canada, gardens bloom year-round in Victoria. The city is tied closely to both land and sea and the rugged natural beauty of the Pacific coast encourages all-season adventures in the great outdoors.
Easily explorable by foot and at your own pace, a visit to Victoria can be as relaxing and rejuvenating as it is educational and exciting. Take advantage of the diverse historical, architectural and multicultural makeup that comes from being the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest.

From First Nations history to British colonial and Asian traditions, and the landmarks, culture, cuisine, festivals and vibrant atmosphere that come with them, Victoria, B.C. is one of the world's favourite destinations.
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Nanaimo, British Columbia

The city of Nanaimo is a classic West Coast community, offering natural beauty at every turn, and vast recreation potential. Nanaimo has one of the longest shorelines in Canada, and a forested mountain backdrop just outside downtown. Here, you can go from the wilderness to the city centre in just a few minutes, and spend more time in the places you want to be.

Nanaimo, BC is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, 113 km north of Victoria, and 55 km across the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver. The city projects out into the strait like a headland, affording waterfront on three sides and spectacular ocean views at every turn. The local landscape is defined by Mount Benson, which rises 1,006 metres (3,300 feet) just west of Nanaimo, and the Nanaimo River estuary, the largest estuary on Vancouver Island, which flows into Nanaimo Harbour at the south end of the city.

Nanaimo is the place to find natural wonders, festivals, culinary joys, and so much more. Discover your Nanaimo 360 by browsing things to do, places to stay, and how to get here.


Parksville Qualicum Beach

Every visitor to Parksville Qualicum Beach, in some way, talks about the connections they make here.

Technology allows you to stay connected 24/7, but time spent in Parksville Qualicum Beach will help you strengthen the connections that matter… with your family and friends, nature, our local culture, and with yourself. 

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 Welcome To Park Sands Beach Resort

Park Sands Beach Resort is a quiet, family oriented R.V. park, situated on the sandy shores of Parksville Bay, on the central, east coast of Vancouver Island. Families have been coming to Parksville, and to Park Sands, for generations, to enjoy what many say is one of the best vacation beaches in Canada.

Park Sands Beach Resort Sites
Park Sands Sign
Parks Sands Beach
Park Sands Beach Resort Park Map


Fall is the perfect time for a soup in the slow cooker.

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How To Keep RV Dump Valves From Freezing

Although the weather is mild on the island there can be some nights when the temperature dips below the freezing mark and this map be a great way to make sure your tanks can always be dumped

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