Karen & Ron want to wish you all a very happy August
This issue of "The Journey is going to be a little different. 
I don't know about you folks, but I have been getting a little tired of same old, same old, so this one will be different and I hope more fun.

Yes, we still want you to go to our website and check out the areas that interest you and we will still be upgrading, changing and adding every month.

But let's get on with the fun stuff at hand for August.

First of all we have a winner for the July Contest and we will have them posted on the winner page of our site.


Okay....Okay. So I do have one link for you to follow this month.

Click on the image and find out who won the July Contest.

This is a great prize this month. A one year subscription to "Boondockers Welcome"


            Good Sam Roadside Assistance - $69.95 Sale

Yes, I know that the banner above is a blatant ad, but we have used Good Sam Roadside Assistance frequently and highly recommend it to all RV'ers.
Besides, if we don't have some income we can't enjoy our favorite pastime which is the RV lifestyle.

We are getting more RV'ers sending us their favorite RV parks and we really appreciate that, as we all need new places to go and it is always nice to know that the park we are going to is well liked by others.
Karen & I are adding another one from our favorites this month, so please come to "Join Us For A Trip Down The RV Highway" and see the new parks.


Have any of you out there ever saw Bernie & Red? We just went to another show of theirs at an RV resort in the Okanagan Valley and they put on a hilarious show.
If you ever get a chance to see one of their shows don't pass it up. 
You can find a link to their website on our Blog..........JOIN US BLOG


Well, that will do for this month, so we wish you all a great summer and as usual we hope your RV travels are happy and safe.

Please feel free to drop us a line any time and let us know your favorite parks, or just let us know what you think about the newsletter. Would you like to see more information, different information or whatever. Let us know.

Karen & Ron


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Have a great RV life!!!!!
Karen & Ron