Karen & Ron wish all our BC friends a Happy BC day and to all our other friends, whatever they call your August holiday.

August and we are totally into summer. The season for RV'ing in North America.

We have been visiting several different parks and we are always looking for more to see.

If you have a favorite park let us know and maybe we can check it out and add it to the site.


For the month of August we are going to visit Silver Star Campground.

They are a full service campground, with: 

56 full-service sites with water, power, sewer, and cable (most 50 amp)

31 sites with water and 30 amp power

The majority of these sites are nestled against the shoreline of the wildlife-rich Swan Lake

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The tech tip this month is on Hot Skin. You may not know it, but it is more common than we think.

Karen's recipe for this month is BBQ Salmon. In BC and Alaska the Sockeye Salmon are now running. We have added a whole new section to Karen's Kitchen and that is for the BBQ. After all it is summer and the grills should be working over time now.

We hope you enjoy this months information and we always welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Karen & Ron



Silver Star RV Park

Vernon, BC


 Click on the logo above for more info


6310 Stickle Road

Vernon, British Columbia


V1B 3V1

We are less than 1.0 kilometre (approx. 0.6 miles) North of Vernon on the West side of Highway 97 (on the lakeside), directly behind the North end Tourist Information Booth.


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 BBQ Salmon


4 Salmon fillets ( approx 1 lb)

4 T. Italian dressing

1 T fresh rosemary or thyme

1 T butter


1. In a double wrapped foil pouch add all ingredients

2. Place on medium grill, cook 8 minutes on each side. 

3. *Unwrap foil and put fish with all it's juice on a platter

Note: I serve my fish with rice and broccoli.... Ron says it's yummy  

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Stay longer in campgrounds with low rates. Stay a week or by the month for an even better rate.

Drive 55 for better gas mileage.

Use for cheapest service stations.

Avoid jack-rabbit starts and quick stops. 

Keep tires properly inflated. 

Lighten your load as extra weight will cost you in mileage.

Avoid head winds. If you have the time, wait out if you are going to drive all day into a strong wind.

Avoid ATM fees by getting cash with store purchases.

Install CFL or LED interior lights

Boondock more often.Casino parking lots, Walmarts and many other overnight free spots if you are just traveling.

Install a solar system for free power.

Maintain your RV. It is much less expensive to maintain than to repair.

Eat out less. Prepare your own meals.

Maintain your batteries right so they last longer.

Buy from farmers markets, roadside farm stands, U-Pick farms and orchards.They have fresher goods for less.

Volunteer or become a camp host, which usually comes with a free campsite.

Many RV Parks and campgrounds hire seasonal help that come with a free site plus usually a wage.


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Portable Baby High Chairs from Ciao

The ciao! baby® portable high chair is an innovative, practical solution for families on the go - travel, picnics, camping, vacations, tailgating, and grandma’s house!

Free standing chair

Requires no assembly

Light weight and flexible design

Easily unfolds, locks into place, and folds back up in seconds

Durable material with a clear vinyl tray cover that easily wipes clean

Built-in cup holder

Click on the image for more info.....

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Hot skin well known problem with RVs

It occurs when a vehicle that is plugged into an electrical source becomes improperly grounded and the shell, or skin, of the camper becomes electrified.

Hot skin is not uncommon. According to a 2010 survey done by, 21 percent of the 1,200 owners who responded reported being shocked by their RV, most mildly.

If you extrapolate those numbers, though, that meant about 1.7 million of the more than 8.2 million people nationwide who had a family RV that year might have been shocked at one time or another.

If you have ever felt that little zing, you just dodged a bullet.

If you ever feel the slightest tingle or shock from your RV, that is a warning that something has happened to your grounding system and you do have a hot skin condition. 

The skin of the RV itself now has an elevated voltage system on it, it could be 40 volts, it could be 120 volts.

The problem is, people feel the tingle, but they ignore it all the time. And if you’re standing on dry ground and have your shoes on, you might never know there’s a problem, the tingle would be so mild.

It’s not typically fatal, but children and pets are especially vulnerable to hot skin electrocution because they have lower body resistance than an adult. For anyone standing on a wet surface, the shock is amplified.

The problem can occur in a variety of ways: when RV owners plug their vehicle into an older home, garage or campsite pedestal with faulty wiring, or into an outlet with the wrong voltage; or if the RV itself, or the extension cord or adapter being used, has an undetected wiring problem.

If you do feel it, unplug your RV immediately and get a certified technician or electrician to diagnose the problem.

Or, better yet, be proactive. For $30 or less, RV owners can get a digital voltmeter or, even better, a noncontact AC tester, available at any hardware store. When pointed at the RV from up to a foot away, it will light up and beep if there’s a problem.

Everybody should have a basic little non contact voltage tester. They’re 10 to 20 bucks.

Owners should get an outlet dedicated to their RV professionally installed; don’t rely on electrical systems – even those that are not that old – that don’t appear to be causing problems.

Many houses have improperly wired outlets that you may never notice with a power tool, but once you plug your RV in, all bets are off.

There are do it yourself types who install their own dedicated RV plug use a 220-volt outlet, rather than a 110, and that fries the system.

And avoid using cheap orange extension cords and adapters.

For more info

To learn more about how to recognize, prevent and repair hot skin and a host of other electrical safety issues relating to RV'ing, go to No Shock Zone: Electrical Safety Training for Everyone at Go to for step-by-step training.


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