This is the final installment in the biggest and the best.

This trip will finish off the rest of the United States.

Some of the most interesting items might be here

The Biggest Truck Stop

Iowa 80 is the world's largest truck stop, located along Interstate 80 off exit 284 in Walcott, Iowa. Set on a 220-acre plot of land (four times larger than an average truck stop)

The Largest 4 Faced Clock

Rockwell International's four-faced clock is the world's largest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Each face is 40-ft 3.5-inches wide. The minute hands are 20-ft. long and 22-inches wide at the base. The hour hands are 16-ft. long and the hour markings are 4-ft. long and 3 ft wide at the base.

The Largest Pencil

The world's largest pencil is now in City museum, St. Louis, MO

City Museum is now the proud owner of the World's Largest Pencil. This mother-of-all writing utensil stretches 76 feet long and weighs 21,500 lbs. It writes--and erases. It's a No. 2, so it's accepted for standardized testing.

The Biggest Picnic Table

The world's largest picnic table was in Holland, MI

Rumor has it that it is gone. Not there anymore.


The Biggest Boot

The worlds largest boot is in Red Wing, Minnisota

World's largest Boot was made by Red Wing Shoe Company. The boot is located at the Red Wing Shoe Store at 315 Main St.

The Largest Lava Lamp

The world's biggest lava lamp is in Soap Lake, Washington.

It was built as a tourist attraction.

The Biggest McDonald's

The world's biggest McDonald's is in Orlando, Florida

What else needs to be said...

The Biggest Porch Swing

The World's Largest Porch Swing is in Hebron, Nebraska