British Columbia has some of the most interesting and the biggest attractions in the world.

Come and take a journey with us to visit some of the biggest and the best in British Columbia.


The Biggest Viking

This is the world's biggest Viking in Burnaby, British Columbia

It is 11' (3.4m) high, 15' (4.7m) at the shoulders and 4' (1.2m) wide

You can see him at 751 Hammerskjold Drive, Burnaby

The Biggest Tin Soldier

The world's biggest tin soldier is in New Westminster, British Columbia

He stands 32' (9.8m) tall and weighs 5 tons.

You can see him at 810 Quayside Drive in New Westminster.

The Biggest Cross Country Skis

The World's largest cross country skis are in 100 Mile House, British Columbia

They are 39' (12m) long and the poles are 30' (9m) tall

They can be seen at Airport Road, 100 Mile House.

The Biggest Fly Fishing Rod

The World's largest fly fishing rod is in Houston, British Columbia.
The rod is 60' (18.3m) long,the reel is 3.5' (1.1m) in diameter and the fly is 1.75' (.5m) in length

It can be seen at Steelhead Park on the east side of Houston along Highway 16

The Biggest Tree Crusher

The world's biggest tree crusher is located in Mackenzie, British Columbia.

It is56' (17.1m) long, 21' (6.4m) high, 35' (10.7m) wide and weighs 175 tons.

It can be seen at Mackenzie Blvd.

The Biggest Cuckoo Clock

The world's biggest cuckoo clock is found in Kimberly, British Columbia.

It is 22' (6.7m) high, 12' (3.7m) deep and 12' (3.7m) wide.

It can be found in the Platzl Pedestrian Mall in Kimberly.

The Biggest Peach

The world's biggest peach can be found on the beach in Penticton, British Columbia

This attraction can be found on Lakeshore Drive & Martin Street in Rotary Park.

The Biggest Truck

The world's biggest truck is found in Sparwood, British Columbia

It is 66' (20.1m) long, 22.5' (7.8m) wide and 22.6' (6.7m) high

It can be found at the visitor centre on the north side of Hwy 3.