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The following are products and services that we find helpful in the RV 

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My Medic makes the best First Aid Kits on the Planet. We are the one stop destination for all your medical gear needs


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Cabela’s dominates the outdoor industry with high-performance hunting, fishing and camping gear.


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We all like to safe money on our camping and RV sites, so this product could be right for you.... 


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In 1995 Innova Kayaks pioneered high-quality touring inflatable kayaks and canoes into North America. Before then inflatable kayaks were usually found as either whitewater specific "duckies" in a very narrow market, or more broadly as cheap "pool toy" vinyl creations. We changed that market.

Our top-of-the-line inflatable boats are made of Nitrylon fabric, a blend of natural and synthetic rubber coating bonded to heavy-duty polyester cloth. This is a very green construction without the environmentally troubling PVC content found in competing inflatables. Innova boats are known and respected for their performance, craftsmanship, durability, portability, and ease of setup and packup. You can fly to Hawaii with an Innova kayak in the overhead bin.



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On this web site you can contact people from all corners of the world who love RVing, boondocking, and traveling on a budget.

In North America in particular, many of us seek out Walmart stores, truck stops, and casinos for free overnight parking on route to our destinations. While we will likely continue to use these businesses, what would it be like to be welcomed by thousands of fellow RVers to spend the night parked on their private property instead?

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Good Sam Roadside Assistance


Here is another site that offers free overnight at some interesting locations all over North America.

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We recently heard about something exciting in the RV world. 

We thought you might have an interest also. 

RV Golf Club is a really good idea with lots of great benefits and it's very inexpensive. 

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