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Ellen and her husband are full time RV'ers that tour the country in a fifth wheel and Ellen has a blog which you can follow on our links page.

She writes fiction mystery stories based on the RV Lifestyle.

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The following are products and services that we find helpful in the RV 

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We all like to tour the National Parks and this organization helps to support those parks

See if you can help

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 When you are travelling in your RV it is so nice to be able to read all the latest best sellers and not have a bunch of books taking up valuable space.

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Kobo Inc.
For anyone who full-times, wishes they could, or knows someone who does, these stories will hit home. From couples struggling to adapt to the challenges of life on the road to a park where mysterious happenings haunt the residents, *Road Tales* is filled with humor and adventure. This collection is a great gift and wonderful addition to any RV park library!

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Betty and Walt Rollin are bird watching at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, avoiding Talkative Ted and Clingy Caroline, their overbearing neighbors at the RV "resort" where they've been staying. When Betty spots a very non-avian body at the edge of a far pond, she and Walt are drawn into the investigation.

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Do you love the outdoors? It’s a challenge to outfit yourself for outdoor fun and not have something from the Coleman® family of products with you. Being in the outdoors has so much to offer, and Coleman has everything to help you get out there. Our products provide solutions for hiking, camping, tail-gating, outdoor cooking, fishing, hunting, boating, trail running, kayaking, road biking, photography, canoeing, jogging, mountain biking, climbing, four-wheeling, and more…


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Tailgating is not just for Sports events, but when you are parked at your favorite campground or RV park you need to cook too.

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We all like to safe money on our camping and RV sites, so this product could be right for you.... 


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 Happy Camper is a 50% discount club for RVers and campers of all types. As a member, you can stay at over 1,200 quality RV parks on a full hook-up site for half price; and unlike other memberships, it requires no contracts, no home parks, and no point systems.


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On this web site you can contact people from all corners of the world who love RVing, boondocking, and traveling on a budget.

In North America in particular, many of us seek out Walmart stores, truck stops, and casinos for free overnight parking on route to our destinations. While we will likely continue to use these businesses, what would it be like to be welcomed by thousands of fellow RVers to spend the night parked on their private property instead?

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Here is another site that offers free overnight at some interesting locations all over North America.

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We recently heard about something exciting in the RV world. 

We thought you might have an interest also. 

RV Golf Club is a really good idea with lots of great benefits and it's very inexpensive. 

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 The IcyBreeze takes portable air conditioning to a whole new level! It is THE world’s first fully portable, battery-powered air conditioner that also doubles as a cooler. No wires, no cords, and completely mobile. IcyBreeze keeps your drinks cold, while keeping you cool. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, you can take cool, conditioned air anywhere you want to go. IcyBreeze is eco-friendly (no chemicals or exhaust), blows 35 degrees below ambient temperature at speeds up to 25mph, and offers a generous 38 quarts of storage space for beverages and ice. Super thick foam insulation walls rival that of the most premium coolers in the marketplace, making its ice holding efficiency second to none.

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