Perfect Steak & Shrimp BBQ'd



1- 4  Tenderloin Steak as big as you want

1 bag of 16-18 shrimp ( thawed ) 

1 lb baby new potaotes

1-4 Corn on the cob

Heat BBQ to 400 

Insert cast iron grill to heat up

Place steak on a plate and liberally sprinkle salt, pepper, & Lawreys garlic salt.

Let steak rest while you prepare the rest of dinner.

Peal shrimp and place in a bowl with lemon & lime zest. Salt, pepper and the juice of 1 lime. 

Skewer shrimp and place on plate to go to BBQ.

In a pot prepare new potatoes for steaming. Light side burner or stove and start steaming the potatoes till tender.

Peel corn and have ready for steaming. Steam for 10 minutes.

BBQ steak on grill till cross marks on both sides. Slide over to burners that are turned off. ( We have a 4 burner BBQ )

You need 1/2 of your burner off. Cook steak with no heat underneath it till done the way you like it.

Place skewered shrimp on the lit side of the grill and cook till pink and opaque. Remove to a bowl.

Melt butter and pour over steamed potatoes and shrimp. 

Serve with sliced lemon. Enjoy!!


Shrimp & Steak BBQ