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Taking a trip with an RV, or Recreational Vehicle, allows you to experience life like never before. Whether your passion is hiking, canoeing, attending festivals or RV camping with the kids, traveling in an RV is a fun, surprisingly affordable way to get out there more often. With an RV you’ll create camping memories that will last a lifetime. When you are RVing, the whole world is at your doorstep!


Have you ever needed a place to dump your holding tanks and spent hours looking for a "green" place to do so? Then you found out afterwards that you passed it miles or kilometers ago!

Have you ever wished for a web site for all of your RV dumping needs? is trying to change the above situations and others by creating a web site with information about RV dumps, sani dumps, dump points, etc., the locations and the information that RVers like ourselves need.

 Our newsletter was founded in 2001 and has been published every Saturday since with 60,000 weekly readers. In each online issue we publish news, information and advice to RVers about the RV lifestyle, plus tips about how to maintain their RVs

The Fastest Growing Social Network for RVers & RV Wannabes!

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Whether you’re already on the road or planning your next RV trip, turn to the RV Repair Club for step-by-step videos on RV repair, maintenance and upgrades.

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 Here is your chance to thank those RV repair facilities that have done a great job for you and at the same time warn others about places that have not. This site contains actual reviews of RV service facilities made by the RV owner's themselves. You can research where to take your RV for service and what establishments you should avoid.


RV Travel Buddy is a ever growing website maintained by us and our users.  Our goal is to create a RV directory with everything a RV Traveler is looking for.

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Bob & Ellens Great RV Adventure 

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Bored with your 9-5 and 30 year mortgage? Most people are. Doing the same job day after day in a cube isn’t for everyone, and if you crave adventure, you’ve probably thought about ditching your job more than once. You can—but how?



The RV.Net Forum is the most comprehensive source of RV News & Information about your RV, Camper, Motorhome, Trailer and Fifth Wheel as well as RV related information on Camping in State Parks, National Parks and Campgrounds across North America

Unforgettable Road Trips in America

With its varied landscapes and geographic landforms, America offers many different vacation options for people who wish to explore the country.


Whether you are new to RVing and camping or a veteran, Everything About RVing has something for you.  We know that Going Camping in an RV is fun and we hope that visiting our site makes it even more fun. We give you excellent information about RVs, Camping and the RV Lifestyle. 

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Best RV Insurance 

Based on In-Depth Reviews

A comprehensive guide to RV lifestyle and coverage for baby boomers and millennials. 

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