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 Excellent job on your page. I love it. A lot good stuff and info. Keep it up. You have my gratitude and keep me motivated.  Love RV'ing. Thanks again for a trip down the RV Highway.


 A great web site with very valuable practical RV information. Keep up the great work. 


 We would be delighted to see your website listed on giving it exposure to a Vancouver Island audience and beyond. There are RV owners everywhere on this island as you will probably know, and we think your website is a must for all to enjoy.

Look forward to your listing


 Really great newsletter this month. Loved the tour of the featured campground .Hope you can do this with the next one. The electric "booster" sounds great. Good that you can let us know about new products. Keep up the good work. We really enjoy the newsletter.

Carolyn & Lee-Bandon,Or., U.S.A.

 The web site is looking good by the way. When I was down south I almost sent you a letter. I will do that one of these days. I read the input you are getting and you do deserve the praise. It is getting better and better.



Hi my name is Cara and I live in southern Alberta. Both my husband and I like to be out in our R.V. We especially like the social end of meeting new people with the same interest. We do not belong to any clubs as our time is not always free as my husband will be taking early retirement this July. My question is? Are you planning a get together for the subscribers of the Journey? We can make plans if we know in advance where and when that would be.
We meet our closes friends at an R.V. Park in Calgary and have remained friends for 8 years. (They also enjoy your web site) I will be looking forward to hearing from you

 I’m from Ontario and enjoyed the trip across Canada. I wanted to let you know that there are many more things to see and do here. I could send you some of the places that my wife and I have enjoyed being tourist in our own province. We have not been to B.C. as of yet but our plan is to make that trip this spring. Maybe we could meet at a R.V. park. We would like to meet you and Karen and share some of those interesting stories that we all have out there on the road. Happy New Year to you too
Mark from Sudbury

 I have been following from the beginning and have to tell you that I am your biggest supporter...!!!!!!!! This is an excellent site and I look forward to getting it every month.... Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.
Barb & Peter

 Thank you for the article on Valley Fever. We spent a month in Casa Grande’ and my husband was not feeling well, so we headed closer to home (Washington State) and spent the following month in California. It was almost 3 weeks before my husband started to feel better. His symptoms were the same as your article on the news letter this month. Thanks for doing that and with such great information. We would have never thought that being in the dessert would have risks attached to it. I realize that it is rare to get this and that being said the state of Arizona keeps this very quiet as there is no information anywhere that we have visited. I enjoy and look forward to getting your newsletter. Keep up the good work.
Oh, another thing that I really like is Karen’s Kitchen. This month she has added a lot of new recipes. I loved the tip on how to get the seeds out of a pomegranate.

Maggie & Burt from Washington

 Hi Karen & Ron: 
Just a note to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Also want to let you know how much we are enjoying your JOURNEY.   Really find it interesting and helpful. We are leaving for Yuma right after Christmas (27 or 28)  so hope the roads are good and that the weather is better than last year

Hope you both have a Very Merry Christmas and look forward to your newsletters.
Ron & Erna

 Karen & Ron Ron
We are relatively new to RV'ing, we bought our first RV (37') last summer,  so we decided to spend a few days at a local RV park, as a way to get our 'feet wet' ..without going too far from home. We found this campsite (Sandy Beach Tent & Trailer Park) just a wonderful place to go and we plan on going for a month next summer. We had a great site near the beach, just over the sand dunes , where you were able to take dogs to have a swim, which suited us as we had just got a new lab puppy ..and he enjoyed his first swim in the ocean immensely! Our neighbours were friendly and there were lots of activies going on. Our family and friends were also able to visit for a small fee and spend the day at the beach with us. Overall we found this a fabulous place to stay and would reccomend it to anyone visiting New Brunswick.

We also spent a few days in Bar Harbor, Maine at the KOA Oceanside...and it was absolutely gorgeous! The staff were great and there was even a free shuttle leaving the campground every half hour into town, so a vehicle wasn't required which made life so easy for us. There was a great dog park for our puppy too. I would definitely recommend this park to anyone visiting this part of the country.


 Hi Karen and Ron!

 Merry Christmas to you too.We are spending the winter in our RV in Desert Gem,Oliver, and so far are enjoying ourselves.This is a first for us,being away for the winter that is, and quite a new experience ! We also have our home on the market but as the both of you: we will have to sit it out! : ) Home is in the Chilcotin but as we get older we find the winters are getting harder to cope with. Lots of snow and -30c or colder some winters. Must say that the first weeks in Nov. I was homesick as I am a country girl at heart, but there seems to be always a trade off :) Having the stores right around the corner instead of having to  drive 3 hrs. to Williams Lake is a BIG treat! Also right next to us Oliver's new shopping center is taking shape with Tim Hortens being the first one to open since end Nov! Canadian Tire to follow in April so we have been told. Makes for walking around the block an easy shopping trip! We plan to be here till Feb. then Midway and back home come spring. Thanks for putting out your letter! And yes Karen I am enjoying your "Kitchen"! May 2011 bring you all your wishes!

 Elisabeth and Dale


Hello! Just a short note to tell you I am so glad I am getting your e-mails and with this last edition: re:kitchen it gets better and better! We are for the first time going to spend the winter months in our RV in a park in Oliver,BC. Leaving our homestead in the Chilcotin! Big step for us, but getting wood and keeping this big place warm is getting a bit to much for us! So we have the place on the market and will see if we like spending the winters out for now. Have lived in our place since 1971 so this is a BIG adventure for us!! Better to do this whilst we still can!

 Hi, this is Fabien from Saskatchewan. Moose Jaw. Thanks for the update. Great setup on your Web page. I enjoy it a lot. Good stuff. Keep up the good work.

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