Karen & Ron would like to announce our retirement from the RV Lifestyle.

We have spent many years in our RV travelling the Western half of North America and we have seen and done a lifetime of experiences in those years. Starting with a tent and ending with a Class A Motor home we have enjoyed all the different aspects of camping and RV'ing.

We would like to thank all of you that gave us your support and encouragement over the years and we hope you all have safe and prosperous travels in the years to come.

Karen & Ron


Join Us For A Trip down The RV Highway


Karen & Ron

 Karen & Ron

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 Join us for a trip down the RV Highway.

Karen & Ron love the RV Lifestyle and we want you to join us for a trip down the RV highway. Follow along as we explore new roads, new attractions and fascinating things to do.

Every month we will highlight another attraction or two as well as our featured RV park, new product, recipe of the month from Karen's Kitchen to your RV, tech tips and the latest tips and tricks to help save time and money while you travel.

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